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These are Regular Local Incentives for Business and Housing 

AVAILABLE NOW -  Business and Building Incentives, Available Capital and Housing

Marysville Downtown Incentives

Incentives Without Walls*  – up to 20k 0% loan for Main Street Members. Contact Marysville Chamber & Main Street for more information.   See also $10k 0% loan from county (See Top Tab on this website).

Marysville Housing and Sidewalk Incentives - Call the City Hall at 785-562-5331 regarding the Sidewalk Ordinance. 

Read the Economic Development Ordinance 1867, regarding Qualifying Subdivisions. 

It is an incentive for pulling down blighted buildings, and for rebuilding, as well as new building.


Marysville has passed an ordinance that allows housing on the downtown streets off of Broadway.  Housing in all the upper levels of commercial buildings on Broadway is allowed. 

Save money on building a new home!  Marysville has designated certain areas in the downtown and west neighborhoods, as well as over in the Keystone area for qualification of the 10 year tax abatement for new housing on an open lot.  Do you want to build a home?  Make sure you call City Hall and ask them for their qualifing lots.  See the County-wide Incentives below for incentive details on building new housing!    


Frankfort and Blue Rapids:  Downtown Redevelopment Act - Downtown Area is available for up to 9 years of tax abatements on incremental improvements on commercial buildings.  Request more info through the contact email below.  

See the County-wide Incentives below for incentive details on building new housing!    


Frankfort still has a couple of free lots for housing available as of 6/1/2021.  You can find that info on the tab above in More, under Available Land.  

Frankfort has plenty of privately owned infill lots for housing. So see the County-wide Incentives below for incentive details on building new housing!    

Blue Rapids has a Housing Incentive for new builds.  They are adding new ideas and incentives in the next couple of years.  See the program under County-wide Incentives, below.

They also have a lot of infill empty lots for housing. Blue Rapids has an anti-storage ordinance in their downtown area which is helping to prioritize business in their business district. 

Summerfield and Oketo has removed blighted housing and has plenty of infill lots for housing.  They qualify for the 10 year, 100% Tax abatement too. 

Waterville - They are also part of the county's Incentive program to build on empty lots for a 10 year, 100% tax abatement.  


County-wide Incentives

  • Most of the county is in the Infill Lot Tax Abatement Incentive Program to build New Housing!  In January of 2022, MCP4G passed this exciting program through the commissioners and city councils that allow a 10-year, 100% tax abatement for building on qualified lots throughout your town.   Ask your city hall if they are part of the program and where the lots are located.  Most towns, except for Marysville, include the entire city limits.  See the program here.




For those of you interested in how to improve your town and the county through housing, please see our white paper on best practices that other towns have used.  It is appied to our county and how we can use the latest in housing technology and building practices.  Included are companies that can build your house prefabricated and at a decent cost.  A great read with suggestions for anyone wanting to build too!  ​This document was distributed to all the city councils, but residents may want to access and use these ideas too.  


  • Marshall County 0% Revolving 10k Loan Fund - County Commissioners voted 6/1/2020 to give $25,000 for a revolving loan fund for covid help and new or expanding business.   Evergy gave another $15k for a total of 45k available for up to $10,000 loans.  See Tab about loan at the top of the page regarding loan terms.

  • Companies/Commercial building may want to check out the Evergy Business Demand Response program (BDR) rewards.  They reward commercial customers who reduce their electrical load during high-demand days. This is a great opportunity to use incentive payments to boost your bottom line, achieve sustainability goals and fund other projects or initiatives.  See


  • Local  REDLG competitive 0% interest loan for 10k, 10-year term.  (Must be approved before project starts so early request is a good idea.)  This loan goes through Blue Valley Telecommunications as a utility company. 


  • Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) through 2022.   See Form at Courthouse, clerk's office in Marysville.  Current program is Property Tax Reduction at 60% for 3 years for the new build or renovation part an existing building.  (Blue Rapids and Frankfort may also use downtown abatements through the Department of Commerce, just not both programs together on the same building.)

  • Downtown Redevelopment Act (DRA) This is open to Blue Rapids and Frankfort residents.  However, any city that applies, may be accepted.  The incentive covers 9 years of tax abatement at higher rates than NRP, but can only be used on existing buildings in their commercial district in the downtown area.  (You cannot do DRA and the NRP together.)

  • Community Development Block Grant - For-profit businesses may apply for a Commercial Downtown Business grant that allows for the improvements of the exterior of your building.  That covers roof and any HVAC outside and brickwork and sliding, etc.   It's a 75% government provision to the owner's 25% provision.  Disclosure is that government requirements make this more of a 50/25% match, but still a great opportunity!  Call Jerry on how to apply through your city and as an individual. 



  • GROWKS from Network KS and the Dept of Commerce Loans - See GROWKS | Small Business Funding


  • Guaranteed Loan from USDA if needed to secure a local loan at higher rates.  (This is a loan application). 


  • Hire a veteran or other target population and get a Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  For more info, see ROZ and WOTC Tabs.  See the Hire a Veteran Tab as well. 


  • Just moving here?  Pay no income tax.  See Why KS Tab. 

  • North Central Kansas Rural Development Initiative, as sponsored by: North Central Kansas Community Network, Inc. (NCKCN)  for Non-profit 5k matching grants.  For profit may receive low-interest loans up to 40k.  Read about it here: North Central Kansas Rural Development Initiative 

  • Working Here Fund Grants | Frontier Farm Credit - This is a Grant for a Food or Ag Project from an area Employer.  They helped fund a project in Summerfield recently.

  • Want some help with start-up money for a business?   Know some local or non-local business that would rather give to a business than pay money to the government in taxes?  Then you need to connect with KS Angel Investors.   See how the program works here.



Government-backed business expansion - See the  Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program and the Rural Business Development Grants

Agriculture Innovation Center Program

Meat and Poultry Processing Expansion Program

Tech expansion - Build To Scale Program
Launch a Business!  Here's some helpful info. -
Kansas Business Center | Home 
Are you selling retail?  Don't pay taxes twice! 
Be sure to buy wholesale (no taxes, and generally much cheaper), and then sell retail and protect your profits.  Get a wholesale license.* ( A Wholesale Certificate is also called a Kansas Tax Exemption, Kansas Resale Certificate, or a Kansas Sale and Use Tax.) Need to know about licensing or permits for a Business?  According to, there are 3 basic steps. 

Step 1.   Register your business. If this is a new business venture and you're looking to buy wholesale products and sell them in smaller quantities, you'll have to register your business before you can obtain a wholesale license. Contact the IRS to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) (which is also called a Federal Tax Identification Number). Applying for an EIN is free of charge. It will take four to five weeks to receive your EIN, after which you will be able to conduct business and hire employees [source: IRS].

Step 2.  Obtain a sales-tax license. Once your business is registered, you will need to obtain a sales-tax license in order to charge sales tax on the items you sell. The terms of the license and the percent you will charge will differ depending on where you live. Contact your state's tax office to apply for a sales-tax license. Applications and fees vary depending on the state [source: Seller Permit].

Step 3.  Obtain a wholesale license. Contact your state's tax or revenue office to apply for and obtain a wholesale license. Applications and fees will vary depending on where you live. Remember that once your business is licensed as a wholesaler, you will be exempt from paying sales tax on the products that you are buying wholesale with the intention to resell. It's best to consult with your lawyer or accountant to find out what exemptions you're eligible to receive with a wholesale license [source: Business Name USA].

So here's how I researched to do step #3.  Go to this site below. There you will be told to sign into the KS Dept of Revenue Customer Service. (At the bottom of this landing page, you will also see the comments below.)

Businesses and Tax Exemptions:

Some purchases made by businesses, such as the purchase of goods or merchandise intended for resale, are exempt from sales tax. A complete listing of exemptions and the exemption forms are located in publication KS-1520.

Access "Kansas Exemption Certificates" - Publication KS-1520.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact us at 785-296-3081 or by email:


Check this site out for specific licenses/permits...but you may still need one through the IRS for selling common items wholesale.
FREE business consultation is available through the Kansas Small Business Development Center.  Marshall County is covered through Washburn University. Anyone can receive free one-on-one business consultation to grow their business! This program has had great success. Whether you need web optimization or are moving into a new transition, they have help. Start-ups, new business, struggling or booming business, even if you are buying or selling a business - they have you covered!    This is an example of getting involved with SCORE who will set you up with a mentor to go through the process of starting your business well!   
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If you have to close, go here. The KS Business Center will help with the steps. This is actually an outline of how to steps.  Choose the Closing Tab at the top if you are retiring your business.
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