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Community Updates

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Important Community Links
Marshall County Commissioners, issued an order exempting Marshall County from Executive Order 20-52 re: public masks.   See the Marshall County Sheriff Tip Line on FB for document. 


The Restaurant Revitalization Fund is still open, but all the money has been dispersed to the first group.  More mon-

ey may be moved into this area later, so it's up to you if you want to still try for funding. See this link to know how to prepare. Webinar training is available now.  Note:  This may be applied for by individuals who qualify through the SBA portal. 

The Courthouse opened the 1st of June.    The entire county is open without limiting or gathering restrictions as of June 1.  See the business page for the full notice! 
To get accurate information, read the latest Executive Orders Here: For FAQ's on Reopening and the the KS Reopening Plan, see the Business page.
For Utility Assistance, see the Business page for Covid-19.
Marshall County Health Department -
Matthew Simpson Marysville Police Department, Public Information Officer 785-562-2343
The government is now helping with child care for qualifying individuals watching children or caring for adults. Please see the business page for Covid-19.
Marysville Advocate  - 
Online news is free during this crisis.  Click the News Tab. 
Great FAQ's on this site.  KS Dept of Health and Environment.

All Businesses May Open!   Curbside is no longer needed!
Are you working from home on a company business?  Your company does not want you to get hacked or in a ransomware situation.  That can bring down a business too.  BVTC is providing this info to keep our businesses strong!
Zoom is allowing people to use their remote video for free for 40 minutes during this crisis.
                                                                   Avoid Covid-19 Scams - See here.
Kansas Sampler Foundation has a page where they have set up a simple form that anybody can use to enter new initiatives that have launched or planning to launch in Kansas. You can find the form here. Please use this form to submit information on any Covid-19 response effort that you’re either managing or that you are aware of.  This form will populate a sharable spreadsheet which you can find here. This spreadsheet will serve multiple purposes including enhancing visibility of relief programs, providing ideas to community leaders across the state, and helping our networks identify potential gaps in the response.
Ag Stressed?  When Stress is More than a Season
When Your Income Drops: Using Community and Family Resources
Have extra time at home and want some new job skills?  Try one of these!

                  4 great sites for learning resources (art, web design, video editing, animation, and many others) (math, science, computer science) (Salesforce CRM job skills)

You can learn about anything on youtube or check out kahnacademy for any type of school/subject learning!

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