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Marshall County


A member of MCP4G has generously donated in order to start a business relief fund. We would like to match and surpass!  With everyone giving something, we can make a huge difference for our businesses struggling to reopen after containment.

This page will provide updates for how much is given and the types of businesses helped.  EVERY dollar helps!  Our goal is to see business stronger after this event.  We encourage businesses to think through what they can do differently to be stronger in the next crisis.

How It Works:

  • Our goal is $5-$10,000 within 2 weeks

  • A committee will allocate funding as soon as we can build the fund.  This page will have the application on it.

  • Funds will go to those who qualify through an application of need.  Emphasis is on how the business can evolve to be stronger after opening.

  • Share the concept to those who may want to donate! 

Ellen Barber, Executive Director of MCP4G says, “I had a person tell me they just needed to know there was hope that their business could survive this shut down of their livelihood. This is our chance to give those in our neighborhoods hope that, yes, their neighbors and others not struggling as greatly as they are, do care and want to share with them.”


How to Donate


  • 100% going to local business (unless a Credit Card fee).

  • Send checks to MCP4G, PO Box 61, Marysville KS 66508.  Put Marshall County Stronger in the Memo.

  • Let us know if you want your name or business listed as a donor. 

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Something to share with us?

MCP4G Economic Director -

Ellen Barber

Call (785) 207-7598

Mail -

PO Box 61

Marysville, KS  66508

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