Work Opportunity Tax Credit Just Got Better! 

Because Marshall County qualifies for the new Rural Renewal County Program, Employers can now hire anyone 18-39 and get WOTC tax credits!   That means $2,400 dollars off your taxes (or more) for your year one of hiring a more youthful demographic.  (No limit to the number of hires!)  You have to file within 28 of hiring, and then when approved, fill out 2 Forms.  MCP4G will get any other needed information, but this covers some questions you may have.  See below.
WOTC Brochure and Explanation
We have these forms mentioned in the brochure if you want to get them from us as well.
New Hire Criteria and Tax Credit Amounts

Rural Opportunity Zone Explanation and How To

Brand new to the state?  You don't have to claim individual income tax to the state of Kansas!  Just note you are in a ROZ county on your electronically filed taxes.  This can be claimed independently of using ROZ for repayment of any loan debt.  Any new resident may use this separate part of the ROZ incentive up until 2020. 



A taxpayer must meet the following qualifications to be eligible for the credit:

  • Establish domicile in a rural opportunity zone on or after July 1, 2011 and prior to Jan. 1, 2022.

  • Must have been domiciled outside Kansas for five or more years immediately prior to establishing their domicile in a Kansas rural opportunity zone.

  • Must have had no more than $10,000 in Kansas source income in any one year for five or more years immediately prior to establishing their domicile in a Kansas rural opportunity zone;

  • Must have been domiciled in a Kansas rural opportunity zone during the entire taxable year for which the credit will be claimed;

  • The tax return on which the credit is claimed must be timely filed (including an extension of time); and

  • The taxpayer may not be delinquent in filing any tax return with or paying any tax due to the state of Kansas or any political subdivision.

For more info. click the link below.

Got School Debt? Let your employer help! If you are from KS or out-of-state and moving back here, we are a ROZ county, which means your employer can pay $1,500 a year, and have it matched by the state to be applied to your school loan!  It's a 5 year sweet deal.  See how to sign up here.  (Employers - if this person is under 40 yrs., use the above WOTC tax credit to offset your ROZ contribution.  We can attract youth back to our county if businesses are willing to make an effort!)

Here's some easy steps to check out the loan repayment program.    


First, make sure both you and your employer check over the Guideline and make sure you are eligible.    


FAQ's can be found here:


As the employee, you should apply online here:



That will notify the state you want to be connected and they will see if there are funds.  


Then the employer needs to apply online here:

             or mail in the PDF form below to:


ROZ Program, Dept of Commerce 

C/O Lyle E. Peterson

Business & Community Development
201 S. 4th Street, Suite D2

Manhattan KS  66502 

​That will get things rolling.  If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.  If you need more tech info and want to look it up, the Dept of Commerce can start you off here: