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Why Kansas? 

               Why Kansas? 

The Kansas Choice -

Low cost of living

13.5% -

Cost of living is 13.5% less than the national average


sunny days per year

#8 Ranked

friendliest state

The Kansas Edge -

Quality educational opportunities:


ranked state for K-12 education


student-teacher ratio


of residents with a high school diploma or higher


ranked state for higher ed


public universities and colleges

28 State Parks: Outdoor Activities and Sports are found in Abundance!

The Marshall County, Kansas Edge -

According to Smart Asset, Marshall County ranks 2nd place in KS for the most affordable place to retire in KS!  The Clay Center Dispatch, Dec. 30, 2019 says the study analyzed data on the median annual property taxes paid in each county and their respective cost of living, which includes items like food, medical care and transportation.”  It also figured items like Social Security, pension and 401 (k) taxes.   Marshall County show an average payment of $1,344 in property taxes and a cost of living at $30,173.
Rural Opportunity Zones - Marshall County qualifies a ROZ county which means that individuals who move here from out-of-state will not need to pay income tax for 5 years.
Yes we are rural, but here in the flint hills of Marshall County, we rate at the top for available retail and services. That's important to to new business looking to locate here.  Take a look at the comparisons throughout the state with the 2017 service gap analysis summmary!
A safe place to live and have children grow up!  Concerned that a child can safely ride a bike through town?  Walk to school without fear?  Marshall County is a safe and wonderful place to live!   The 2019 Report by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation shows Crime in Marshall County was below the state's average.  
Marshall County Crime Rate:  6.4 per 1,000 in population
State Rate:                                  29.4 per 1,000
Chicago Rate:                            42.6 per 1,000
As far as living in Marshall County, Marysville, the County Seat was voted one of the top five best small towns to live in by Kansas! Travel Magazine, November,  2016.  Known as the Black Squirrel City, over 30 artistically painted fiberglass squirrels are on parade throughout Marysville. 
River Rail Trail, great schools and neighborhoods, and kid’s sport activities, Marshall County, KS is a place where the quality of life makes us proud to call it "Home."


Your money can buy a whole lot of “Home” here.  That equals quality of life!   Example of Rental:

Bulldog apts.png
                               Bulldog Apartments, Rent per month -
1 Bedroom $386 – 500   2 Bedrooms $450 – 600      3 Bedrooms $521 – 850

Average Pricing - New housing – 4-5 bedroom homes for under $350,000


Existing homes – 3 bedroom  between $120 – 250,000.   2 Bedroom homes between $75,00- 120,000. 


Come see for yourself! 

C. Blocker Realty, Inc.

Midwest Land and Home, A Full-Service Realty and Auction

Olmsted Real Estate & Auction

Tammy Parker Realty

Patty Day Realty


We welcome you to check out our home, and hope you will find it a place you want to call home as well!

For Job information see our Job Tab, or for questions on the area, call Ellen Barber 785-207-7598.


Marshall County's Labor Force and Unemployment

                  Kansas Scenery can't be beat!
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